People's Climate March - Sunday, September 21

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United in Prayers and Support with the Kidnapped Girls in Nigeria and their Families

Just as the kidnapping of 200+ young girls from their school in Borno state Nigeria by Boko Haram about four weeks ago is gaining global awareness, the same group has yet abducted not less than eight teenage girls between 12-15 years today in Warabe village of Gwoza Local government area of Borno state.  Earlier this year the same terrorist group had, in another atrocious manner, killed over 59 young boys in their school. These are just a few of the many horrifying massacres the group has unleashed on innocent and defenseless Nigerians since it took violent dimension to its alleged crusade to cleanse the region of western influences, particularly educational facilities.

It is deeply troubling to hear the leaders of Boko Haram refer to the girls as “slaves” and declare that it plans to sell them “in the market” and “marry them off.”

Augustinians International joins to the growing number of voices who seek the safe return of these girls and in supporting their Chibok community and the families of these missing girls. You can join with us in sending prayers and notes of encouragement to the families here:


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