Province of Santo Nino de Cebu - Phillippines

Province of Santo Niño de Cebu - Phillippines



Pennies For Heaven

Healthcare Outreach to the Poor: An Experiential Context for Human Rights Education



Our Third Heart Patient Waiting for Surgery

June, now about three years old, was born on Independence Day, June 12, 2010. He is the eldest child of a poor, young family from the Camotes Island Province of Cebu. Maricel his mother is a simple housewife. Jesus his father earns a modest living as a carpenter. Five months into Maricel’s pregnancy, June was found to have a very slow heartbeat. READ MORE


Mary Grace and Jonabel - Best Friends


Mary Grace and Jonabel – best friends, both born with harelip and cleft palate. READ MORE

Faith Galawa

Faith was three years old when we first saw her in Bohol. She was born with bilateral harelip and complete cleft palate. READ MORE

Hans Belasio - Now with God

Hans Belasio was a beautiful, loving baby boy suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  READ MORE

Jessa Mae and Saturnino


The very first surgeries we supported took place around 2004 to 2006 and were on behalf of Jessa Mae E. Lambiguit, our first child harelip patient, and on behalf of a forty-five year old man named Saturnino Tangub, whose harelip birth defect was neglected from childhood because of poverty.     READ MORE

Joey Eduard Arabejo

Joey Arabejo, pictured above with Ms. Alice Mujar, was one of our patients since 2009. Joey was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease. We provided him daily medications and yearly diagnostics. He is also under the medical care of Dra. Bernadette Azcueta and had his diagnostics and medical evaluation with her the third week of December 2011. His mother passed away September 2011 after a valiant fight for life. She died of a heart ailment that runs in the family. Joey was one of our seminarians but decided to interrupt his education with us due to his health condition.      READ MORE


Matthew John Subrida

Successful Surgery for Hernia

Matthew John Subrida was a pre-school age child on the island of Iloilo suffering from a hernia.      READ MORE

Menjiel Carillo

Menjiel Carillo was not one of our original patients at the Cebu City Medical Center. She was a burn victim whom I happened to meet at that Cebu hospital in the ward where our kids with harelip/cleft palate surgeries were recovering.     READ MORE


We thought we would not have a medical mission this school year because of several scheduling problems. But fortunately it did turn out that we were able to have our first operation this year, though in November 2012, and a seven day medical mission that month.   READ MORE



After the 2013 surgery was postponed several times due to commitments of our Cebu surgeons, harelip repair was finally scheduled for May 20, 2013 at Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC).     READ MORE

Ralph Salibay Pilongo

Now with God

Ralph Pilongo was 15 years of age when we met him, the eldest of three children in the family. His mother was a factory worker earning 100 pesos a day ($2.50 US), while his father earned 150 pesos a day as a laborer in a nearby supermarket warehouse, a 30 minutes travel from their home. Ralph looked like a seven year old boy because of his chronic illness. READ MORE


Raymond Dante

Raymond Dante, a boy 10 years old and in his fourth year of grade school when we first met him, was born February 16, 2001 and is the youngest of ten children in his family living in Bohol. … We needed to bring him to Manila for surgery. READ MORE